Agility Training Institute (ATI)


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The Agility Training Institute offers a very robust, affordable certification as a Speed & Agility Fitness Trainer. It is based on the work of acclaimed speed & agility expert Rich Lansky, who works with elite amateur and professional athletes, along with youth and adults to help people improve their speed, agility, and the strength and balance required for both. Includes a powerful 4-phase warm up, mechanics, and sport-specific trainings.
1088 Mallard Marsh Dr
Osprey 34229
Phone Number941-539-9623

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DescriptionThis robust certification shows you how to set up and lead individual, group, and camp speed and agility programs for athletes of all ages and abilities. It was developed by acclaimed speed & agility trainer Rich Lansky, who has worked with elite amateur and professional athletes, as well as youth and amateur adults. 20 CECs with ISSA.
Course Material Price $237.50
Exam Price $0.00
Exam Delivery Method Online
Practical Exam Required
CategoryExercise Physiology, Group Fitness, Personal Trainer, Special Populations, Sports Conditioning