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I gained a wealth of knowledge of fun lessons and activities to provide children with developmentally appropriate practices to get children motivated and excited about physical activity. I really enjoyed the course I took it was convenient and included a variety of media resources to gain insightful... more

by T. Moseley, Children's Fitness Specialist

There was some amazing information. I really appreciate the at-home format...2 books and 2 DVD’s! Great information in all! more

by M. Lucas, Children's Fitness Specialist

It inspired me to want to learn more about fitness & physical education for children. Very informative and went along w/my graduate studies in early childhood education. more

by F. Benson, Children's Fitness Specialist

The course materials were informative; I found the most informative and useful book to be the Fitness Leader’s Handbook. Overall, this was a good course to compliment my background and experience in physical fitness through boxing, karate and a researcher in Health Promotion and Education. more

by J. Barco, Group Fitness Instructor

I am a AFPA certified group fitness instructor and attend AFPA conferences. I believe it is a top rate organization. I am very happy to be a member. more

by P. Sullivan, Cycle Instructor

The main focus I had was on reaching a point at which I felt comfortable presenting information to others in a professional situation – I wanted to feel that my knowledge was adequate in being beneficial to others. The material I was presented with was in depth and very descriptive. I feel that it... more

by C. Oliver, Group Fitness Instructor

The course was very informative and covered what I was hoping for. The information given was enjoyable & the format was clear and easy to learn from. Thank you for the opportunity to become more educated in the fitness field and to have the pleasure to become certified. I enjoyed the course and woul... more

by C. Harris, Group Fitness Instructor

All materials cover all aspects of nutrition. I enjoyed the CD’s and the books. I frequently use them for reference. The price is expensive, but they are quality materials and through counseling you can make that money back! more

by C. Makrickas, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

I thought the course was great. I feel good about what I have learned and am ready to get started with my new life as a Personal Trainer. more

by M. Ballou, Personal Trainer

The books and manual were very useful, they made learning enjoyable. This is a great course and I will recommend (very highly) it to my friends. more

by C. Achorn, Personal Trainer

I expanded my knowledge about physical fitness and also about the business aspect of this career. I thought all of the course material was extremely educational and I am happy with my learning experience. While the course was expensive, I know it will pay for itself in future years. more

by J. Hilterbrand, Personal Trainer

The information that was provided will be very helpful in starting a career as a personal trainer. I can take everything I learned and help someone. Everything that was provided, from the books to the dvds and the forms on cd are all amazing. I will be able to look over them whenever I want. I enjoy... more

by K. Votapka, Personal Trainer

It was a pleasure and great experience getting my learning information from you. Your program is very comprehensive and gives you all the tools you will need. I would highly recommend you. more

by D. Trotman, Personal Trainer

I looked at many websites prior to making my selection to take the Certified Personal Trainer course with AFPA. I found the price affordable and was surprised to receive the package with so much information. I am proud to know that I successfully passed such a comprehensive and difficult examination... more

by L. Schutz

I found the home course study program to be well done and extremely proficient. Instead of going to a class or study group for 1 hour at a time, I was able to come home from work and study 2 or 3 hours a night. I was even able to do 20 minutes at lunch at work! This was extremely important to me, be... more

by M. Shands

I am sure you've heard this many times before and I'm also sure you know this is just one of the many reasons why your organization is so successful. As a matter of fact, I had a friend of mine ask me a month or two ago how he could get certified because he is very interested in becoming a personal ... more

by R. Shoop, Fitness Director

As I meet other Trainers and observe how they train, I am glad I have been educated with an exceptional group as AFPA. Your standard of cautious training is so valuable. Not only teaching seniors but all individuals, studying the proper form and level of each person with safety as the priority. The ... more

by A. Young

BEST TRAINING FOR BEING THE BEST! AFPA's Training Material's cover all areas to be the BEST Personal Trainer ! They make sure you know what you are doing 100% ! I am always very confident with my clients as to what programs I design for them ! Would not go through any other company for my main ce... more

by Karen - Advanced Personal Trainer

Vista, CA
WANTING TO BE A PT? This is an awesome course. I took my time since I have a child running around all the time. I have plenty of time left to complete it. I learned a lot from this book I didn't know even working out my whole life. The final test is awesome you have 230 questions open book and yo... more

by Julie on 23rd Sep 2015 AFPA Certified Personal Trainer

I COULDN'T ASK FOR MORE. This Personal Trainer certification program is superb. It provides everything you need to go above and beyond as a fitness trainer. more

by Jeromy on 21st Sep 2015 AFPA Personal Trainer

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