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Testimonial for AAHF by Tim Rochford, CPT (ACE, The Cooper Institute, and NSCA),

JrFit is exactly what I was looking for! The course materials are structured and organized in a professional way, providing easy study and absorption of the content! The information within the program is presented in a comprehensive, yet practical (information is detailed, but easy to understand - not written in a highly scientific or technically complex format) way that has allowed me to be able to immediately apply the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively train children for fitness and/or athletic sports conditioning. In the JrFit program, it is easy to distinguish between the information related to general fitness training and athletic sports conditioning for kids. This is important because not all kids have the desire to train athletically, but all children should be involved in training that will benefit their overall health and wellness. The structure of this program provides a progressive learning path that will develop highly skilled and proficient trainers who will have the potential to save our youth from the negative effects of inactivity and obesity. Thank you for creating such a high quality program!

- by Tim Rochford, CPT (ACE, The Cooper Institute, and NSCA),

Yorkville, IL, US