Creating the Motiv8d Trainer and meeting awesome people wherever they are on their road to a healthy lifestyle is my passion.  A lifestyle of deep health is a combination of physical, social and mental health habits. One of the most important first steps on a fitness journey is to find a partner, friend or better yet, a community to do it with you.


Connection through group or individual companionship can support the work required to achieve your fitness goals and allow you to ENJOY the road trip together. Here are TIPS to get you moving in the right direction:


  • REFRAME how you view working out.


The brain is an incredible and capable defender of our resources.  It is equally and awesomely able to be retrained (i.e. neuroplasticity) .  Exercise is NOT to be used as punishment for poor nutrition or lifestyle actions.  What if we REFRAME and acknowledge the gift our body is and use movement as a reward to honor and enjoy this incredible, high-performance machine?


  • Be INTENTIONAL and incorporate movement into your day.


First, don’t be a lone wolf.  Find an accountability partner for each location you spend time during the day and for the times of day you are available to workout.  Brainstorm a list of potential partners in this intention to MOVE more. Think of a neighbor, work colleague, trainer/coach (wink,wink) , and find a supportive community on Facebook (Motiv8d Trainer’s Insiders Group)  you enjoy.  Find common interests among your people.  Take walking meetings. Get a standing desk.  Select hotels with fitness centers.  


  • Create a CUE for HABITS that stick.


Lay out your gym clothes the night before and bring that refillable water bottle.  Set a notification to move on your smart watch and calendar your workouts at the beginning of the week. Success comes when we make small, consistent changes.  If the action is not happening, break it down smaller until you create frequency. 


  • VISUALIZE how you want to FEEL.


Most resolutions don’t stick because we don’t get quiet to connect our why (intrinsic motivation) and how we will feel when we finish that workout, attain that goal.  Keep it POSITIVE and avoid using absolute statements, as in, “I’m quitting all carbs, sugar and fat,” or “I’m going to workout every day.” I do not advocate for weighing yourself every day.


  • Take IMPERFECT action.

Don’t wait for the perfect conditions.  TRUST the process and seek progress not perfection. Imperfect action beats no action every time!




Community is everywhere and mine is located right here in the Motiv8d Trainer Insider’s Club.  It is where awesome people connect to stress less, get stronger and live their best life NOW!