10 Easy Tips to Keep You Eating Healthy During the Holidays


When you're facing down the most tempting holiday treats like pumpkin pie or fruitcake, it's hard to stay on track with your goals.

Eating healthy during the holidays is possible even though it can be difficult. There are some things you can do to make the holidays easier on your diet.

Continue reading this article, and we will give you tips to stay on track with your healthy habits during the holidays.

  1. Determine Your Goal

Before heading into the holidays, make sure you know what your goal is. Is your goal to maintain your weight, or maybe you don't care if you put on a few pounds that you can take off after the holidays?

Know what your goal is before going in, and you'll be much more likely to be healthy throughout the holidays.

  1. Know Your Motivation

When you get to the dinner table is not the time to try to figure out why you're trying to stay healthy throughout the holidays.

You're looking at all of the delicious food, and your answer is going to be -- "No good reason! Let's eat!"

Instead, prepare yourself and write down a list of reasons you're doing what you're doing. When you feel weak, and you're about to take one too many bites of cake or pie, look at your list and say no thank you to the sweats and other unhealthy options.

  1. Plan Exercise

If you don't plan your exercise, you're not going to fit it in during the holidays. Even if you are used to working out every day, the holidays are hectic, and it is easy to get off track when you're distracted with the beauty of friends, family, and food.

Get your exercise out of the way early in the morning, and it will be less likely that you'll be derailed from your plans.

  1. Find Supportive Foods

When you're around all of this tasty food, you need to have some food that is going to give you the energy you need to say no to everything else.

Know what healthy foods are going to help you, whether it's keeping some nuts on hand or chicory root, know your go-tos whenever you're fighting a serious craving.

  1. Put Aside Time to Be Alone

If you don't plan some alone time throughout the holidays, it is easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you're on people overload.

Even if you take a few minutes each day to shut yourself in your room and breathe, you're doing yourself and everyone else a favor. Blow off steam while you're alone, or you're liable to blow off steam at people and cause a big ruckus.

  1. Use Nutritional Supplements as Needed

If you know you're not going to be eating as healthy as you normally would be, consider using supplements during the holiday season.

Try a multi-vitamin and any other supplements that you know your diet isn't giving you. You may even find it helpful to be tested and see what type of supplements you need before the holidays, so you know where you're at and what you need before the holiday challenges hit.

  1. Prepare for Cold Season

With the cold season upon us, it is important to be prepared. Your immune system is going to take a beating, and you need to give yourself enough sleep, good food, and water to fight off what's coming.

If you're experiencing high levels of stress, you need to take the time to decompress since stress can make you more susceptible to getting sick. 

  1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration means drinking water and lots of it. Egg nog and soda don't count for fluid intake, so make sure that you have your water container close by, so you can keep yourself hydrated without having to look for a cup at a relative's house. 

  1. Fill Yourself with Healthy Food Before Attending Events

Before you head out the door, you might think you shouldn't eat so you can save room for food, so you don't go over your calories. While this might sound like a good idea, it's going to backfire.

When you're really hungry and you see all of the good food laid out, you're going to have a little food, a little more, and then it will turn into a lot. By the time you're done eating, you've blown through your healthy eating goals, and you're beating yourself up for failing.

  1. Dance or Walk

It's the holidays, right? So, why not get a little activity in and have some fun at the same time?

Dancing doesn't feel like a workout, but it can help you work out those extra calories you might have taken in.

Even getting some extra steps can make a big difference when you want to maintain your health throughout the holidays. Ask a friend or family member to take a walk with you around the block or go to a local park to get some steps and enjoy the fresh air.

Winning Strategy for Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Now you have a winning strategy for eating healthy during the holidays. You won't be caught off guard, and you'll be able to keep your figure and look amazing when everyone else is going off the rails.

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