Eccentric Leg Curls


Step #1: Set the Seat Adjust the seat height using the button on the side of the machine, making sure it clicks into place. When you sit down, your knee joint should line up close to the pivot point of the machine. Step #2: Select Your Weight Insert the pin into the weight stack, starting with a lighter weight. Once you learn proper form and feel comfortable using this machine, you can add more weight. Step #3: Position Your Legs on the Pad You want the pad to be just above your sneakers or ankles when you place your legs on top of it, so adjust this if necessary. Sit with your legs about hip-width apart and your toes pointing up. From there, secure your legs by bringing the top pad down. Make it snug, pulling it into the tops of your thighs. Step #4: Give It a Curl! Sit back, face forward, and pull your heels down, squeezing at the bottom of the movement so you feel it in the backs of your legs. Slowly extend as far out as you can, and repeat.