Sleep is a bodily concept that can really wreak havoc on an individual's life if it doesn't happen or you don't get adequate amounts and/or good quality. Everyone is different in how much sleep they require but many of us just don't get enough overall. Without adequate sleep, it can affect your overall health, demeanor, weight and productivity. In advance of your bedtime, if watching TV find a more lighthearted show. When in bed, it is suggested to not use any electronic device due to the blue light exposure which can have an affect on your sleep. Maybe listen to a calming sound or music and reflect on your day. Try to learn to be consistent with your sleep even on your off days within a half hour or so. Staying on a schedule is very important and less disrupting. If at all possible, rest or take a short nap in the day as required by your body. As we all know, a good night sleep is very rewarding and feels so good to the body.