What would it take to motivate you to be more active? Our bodies are meant to move and it certainly feels better at the end of the day then when you've been active. Our joints require continual movement to keep them lubricated. Our bodies are built like fine tuned machines. So what would it take to motivate you to move just a little more? At work, the desk is a great tool to do pushups on when no one is looking. Also, use steps when available instead of an elevator or escalator. Steps are great for stronger glutes. Park your car further away from your destination so you can get your steps in. How about during a commercial on TV take a walk around the house or do squats at your chair till your show comes back on. You'll be able to do a lot of squats through that show with all the commercials there are LOL! Do whatever it takes and you will find it will become a habit the kind you'll be proud of!