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by Joy Keller on Feb 16, 2012


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Yoga and indoor cycling fusion classes are popular on many group fitness schedules. Case in point: Namaste Cycle, offered by the University of Maryland Campus Recreation Services in College Park. The 85-minute class combines a full indoor cycling session with 25 minutes of Yogafit®.

Stability balls continue to be popular, and many facilities find numerous creative ways to use them. The Centre of Elgin in Elgin, Illinois, for example, offers Chair-dominals. This class welcomes all levels in an hourlong journey of “leaning, crunching, twisting and dancing, while sitting on a ball.”

Theresa Racicot teaches Aerial Conditioning at Trapeze School New York in Washington, DC. According to Racicot the class “incorporates the aerial apparatus of trapeze and silks with body weight exercises, core-focused training and aerial flexibility. The goal is to improve whole-body strength, flexibility and anaerobic fitness.” The class is presented in a small-group setting, circuit style.

Lloyd Athletic Club, Portland, Oregon, gives members a new reason to strengthen their bodies with Lift. This class is offered in both 45- and 60-minute options and focuses on “simple and practical free weight moves, coupled with cardiovascular exercises.”

Martial Waters is a “unique blend of kickboxing and martial arts structured for a fluid workout.” This 45-minute, high-intensity water workout is offered by The Arena Club in Bel Air, Maryland. The facility also has Splash A.C.T. on its schedule. This water-circuit class “invites participants of all fitness levels to enjoy interval training in the pool,” according to the online description. In this 45-minute class, participants challenge themselves by traveling to deep water and back to shallow water.

East Side and West Side Athletic Clubs in Wisconsin offer a fee-based adaptive class for developmentally delayed young adults, aged 10 and older, at its Milwaukee location. Achievement Class incorporates cycling, strength building, balance and stretching exercises.

Members of the Colorado Athletic Club in Denver were ready for winter after the facility offered BOSU Blast Ski/Snowboard Conditioning. The 45-minute indoor class prepared participants for outdoor winter sports, activities and training with endurance, strength and speed exercises.

Crunch® Fitness combines two unlikely formats to create Breakti, a yoga and break dancing class. According to the online description this class is a “union of gravity, music and movement.” Participants learn traditional yoga poses “as a means to understanding (and performing) the more explosive movements that are part and parcel of street dance.”

Body Shock, which is on the recreational sports schedule at Northern Michigan University, aims to “confuse” muscles and get results. The class is inspired by CrossFit®, and the moves are created “to stress the body in a manner that is randomized, regular, and varied in style and intensity.”


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