IDEA's Inspired Advisors include a group of passionate bloggers who help IDEA come up with impactful ways to carry out its mission of Inspiring the World to Fitness. You can also see IDEA's Inspired Bloggers here.

Alyse Mason Brill
Alyse is CPO and co-founder of SweatGuru, where she leads product development and operational strategy for the San Francisco-based start up. She is also co-founder of Fit Approach, an online healthy community, and was a founding team member of HealthWorks, Kaiser Permanente’s workforce wellness program offering. Alyse is a dancer-turned-yogi, urban cyclist, and aspiring aerialist. She earned a B.A. with honors from UC Berkeley and an M.A. from the University of Chicago.

Carla Birnberg
Carla Birnberg, AKA MizFIt, is an award winning writer, community builder, personal trainer, and bodybuilding competitor. A blogger since 2001, she launched MizFitOnline in 2007 to share her health and fitness knowledge with those who might not have access to one-on-one training. She believes we may all have the shared goal of living a longer, healthier, more vibrant life but it’s ok (& even encouraged) to carve our own unique path to get there.

Courtney Horan
Courtney is the author of the blog Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life, where she writes about food, fitness, fun, and her latest adventure...becoming a mom! Courtney is an NASM certified personal trainer and has enjoyed training clients both in a gym setting and via online training programs. You can read her blog by visiting

Debbie Woodruff
Debbie is a personal trainer, coach, runner, cyclist, and wannabe yogi who follows a vegan lifestyle. She writes about her adventures, plus workouts, plant-based recipes, reviews, and training plans on her blog, Live from La Quinta.

Erica House
Erica has her Masters in Psychology and has been teaching at the University level since 2007. She is certified as a Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. After maintaining her own 50 pound weight loss she is passionate about helping others on their journey to lifelong happiness and wellness. You can read her blog by visiting

GiGi Dubois
GiGi Dubois is a healthy living nutrition enthusiast and blogger based in Los Angeles who educates and entertains her audiences with a weekly blog/vlog, GiGi Eats Celebrities. GiGi’s passion for all things nutrition and fitness blossomed into a full-time focus when she encountered diet-related health problems as a young girl. Since then, she has led an active and healthy lifestyle and is committed to showing others how diet can positively affect their lives.

Gina Harney
Gina Harney is a military wife, group fitness instructor, personal trainer and blogger behind The Fitnessista. Gina recently co-created and produced her first dance cardio DVD, Soli Beat and her first book will be released in January 2015. Some awards include SHAPE magazine's "Best Fitness Blogger," Fitness magazine's "Best Personal Training Blog" and Sharecare's Top 10 online influencers. She loves creating quick, effective workouts, healthy recipes, playing with her two year old daughter, and teaching Zumba.

Heather Hesington
Heather is a NASM certified personal trainer, former NBA Dancer, and writer behind Life In Leggings who can often be found running with her dog or taking barre, yoga, and Pilates classes. She enjoys spending her days as a trainer and working with clients both in the gym and online through web-based coaching. You can find her original workouts, recipes, and everyday healthy lifestyle tips at

Jamie Walker
Jamie is the CEO and co-founder of SweatGuru, where she leads business development and marketing for the San Francisco-based start-up. She is also the founder of Fit Approach, a San Francisco–based fitness business and online healthy community. She has taught bootcamp and yoga classes for five years, and spent seven years in Public Relations. Jamie is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, food-loving vegan, and avid ultra marathoner. She earned a B.A. from UC Berkeley.

Jennifer Cassetta
Jennifer is a nutrition, fitness and self defense expert with over 12 years of experience in the industry. She is a NASM certified personal trainer, clinical nutritionist, certified health coach and 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido. Jennifer teaches her Stilettos and Self Defense program across the countries on college campuses and corporations to empower women to be strong, safe, sexy and street smart! You can read her blog by visiting

Kasey Arena
Kasey is a fitness, health, and clean food enthusiast who is the creator and voice behind the Powercakes, LLC. blog, business, and website. Kasey is a college Graduate with a Teaching Bachelors Degree in Health and Physical Education & is also a Certified Personal Trainer has a great passion and enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition, cooking, & baking.

Katie Dunlop
Katie Dunlop is a health and fitness expert based in Orange County, California. She is the creator of Love Sweat & Fitness, a site that offers monthly challenges, simple healthy recipes and fun lifestyle tips. Katie is known as the “Green Juice Now, Champagne Later Trainer” because of her realistic approach to health and fitness. Her amazing community of #lsfsisters come together with one common goal; support each other in reaching their health and fitness goals. Try one of Katie’s YouTube workouts and you will know, Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat!

Katy Widrick
Katy is a multimedia producer for Bolder Broadcasting, Inc. and Executive Producer for the active lifestyle Growing Bolder TV and Radio shows. She's also the founder of #FitBlog, one of the most popular fitness chats on Twitter, and a blogger at A runner and triathlete as well as new mom, Katy is also passionate about inspiring people to fit fitness into busy lifestyles. You can follow her on Twitter: @kwidrick.

Monica Olivas
Monica started blogging six years ago to document her weight loss journey and training for her first marathon at Since then she’s conquered the half marathon and marathon (actually dozens of them), lost 20 pounds and is still running strong. Monica Olivas is a RRCA certified Running Coach and ACE certified Personal Trainer based out of Southern California.

Tiffany Henness
Tiffany "Hutch" Henness is a runner, CrossFit instructor, and healthy living blogger with a professional background in business marketing and graphic design. She currently lives and trains in southern California. You can read her blog by visiting