November 2015
What's Up With The U.S. Snacking Obsession?
CEC Feature: Between-meal nibbles are more popular than ever. Check out the best ways to make sure your clients snack wisely.
Go With Your Gut: The Facts On Fiber
CEC Feature: Ever wonder why fiber is so great for your digestion? Get the facts, and find out how to add more fiber to your clients’ diets.
25 Healthy Food Hacks The Pros Use
Practical Food Tips: Do you want to know how chefs, dietitians and other nutrition pros make nutritious meal prep a cinch? Here are their shortcuts, go-to ingredients, cooking techniques and must-buy gadgets for making life easier—and food tastier.
Mastering The Menu
Mindful Eating: An insider's guide to eating well when eating out.
Go Guilt Free Without Being A Grinch
Healthy Holiday Recipes: No need to be a dumbbell this holiday season. These six recipes from a professional chef committed to comfort food makeovers will have your taste buds smiling through the holiday season without forcing you to log extra hours in the gym.
Letter From The Editor
Editor's Letter: Know Your Food Point of View and Understand Why It's Important

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