October 2016


A Global Boot Camp for Success, Purpose and Wellness. 14,000 pros from 55 countries came together to share and celebrate health, nutrition, fitness and inspiration.
11 Reasons For Low Thyroid Function
Research reveals key pathways to supporting a healthy gland.
16 Trends In Fitness Fashion For 2016
Comfy, good-looking and high-tech: The latest fitnesswear has it all

Personal Training

A Boy With Cerebral Palsy
Client Success Story: Personal trainer Jeff Mendoza’s young client gives him a new perspective on life.
Maximize Sales Without The Hard Sell
Profit Center: Use interactive event marketing to generate leads and revenue without being "salesy."
Helping The Full Range Of Older Clients
Senior Fitness: Many have arthritis and artificial joints. Some have been sedentary their whole lives. Preparation is the key to anticipating their needs.
tricks of the trade “How Do You Answer Awkward Or Hard-to-answer Questions Such As, ‘How Do I Get A Six-pack?’ Or ‘You’re A Personal Trainer; Is That Why You’re In Such Good Shape?’”?


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.

Group Exercise

Local Classes, Global Impact
Skills & Drills: Reach and teach beyond the studio walls.
Highlighting Positive Change
Ebb: Use a simple measurement scale to help older exercisers quantify their progress while in class.
Sample Class: Core And More!
Class Take-Out: A foam roller can help participants get a well-rounded workout.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Buzz: Put a fun spin on traditional classes with these ideas that shake things up.


What Is Mindfulness?
Inner IDEA: Understand the relationship between mind-body awareness and mindfulness and why this connection can be beneficial.

In Every Issue

fitness forum Gratitude For 2016 IDEA® World Convention
warm-up How Inspiration Evolved At The 2016 IDEA® World Convention
Making News
Fresh Insights On Fat
Research: Fat tissues secrete proteins that influence diet and metabolism. What the latest science means to fitness pros.
Lifestyle Medicine Is A Team Sport
Bridging the Gap: Elizabeth Joy, MD, describes how lifestyle medicine training and tools for the full spectrum of healthcare providers can decrease the ever-increasing burden of chronic disease
Using Live Video To Promote Your Services
Fitness Technology: Facebook and other social media platforms now allow real–time interactivity and authenticity you can't get with prerecorded video.
fitness handout 5 Guiding Principles Of Yoga
Childhood Obesity: An Unhealthy Start
IDEA Fitnographic: How does excess weight set children up for life?

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