IDEA FitnessConnect Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is IDEA?
IDEA Health & Fitness Association is the world’s leading organization of fitness and wellness professionals including personal trainers, group fitness instructors, fitness directors and fitness business owners. These professionals coach, train and influence millions of health-minded individuals. Through IDEA professionals in over 80 countries, we Inspire the World to Fitness®.

IDEA delivers world-class content and continuing education to fitness professionals through three vehicles:
1. IDEA Fitness Journal, our award-winning monthly magazine, plus four additional specialty niche e-publications
2. World-class fitness conferences for health and fitness professionals, including the IDEA World Fitness Convention™
3. Streaming video and DVD courses available on our website (

What is IDEA FitnessConnect?
With the launch of IDEA FitnessConnect, IDEA has created the largest national industry-wide directory linking over 250,000 U.S. fitness professionals to more than 16 million consumers. By providing verified profiles of fitness professionals, IDEA FitnessConnect gives consumers confidence in their choice of fitness services while strengthening the credibility and professionalism of our industry.

What other sites is IDEA FitnessConnect on?
By the end of the year, IDEA FitnessConnect is expected to be seen on,,,, and

What certifications/training organizations provide verification of their credentials to IDEA FitnessConnect?
The certifications/training organizations that provide verification of their credentials are as follows:

If your certification/training agency isn’t on the list, we encourage you to contact them to get them onboard.

Why is IDEA doing this?
IDEA FitnessConnect was created in an effort to raise the level of professionalism in fitness. An industry directory will encourage all fitness professionals to better themselves and stay current.

Does it cost anything?
No, IDEA FitnessConnect is absolutely free!

Will it always be free?
Yes, it will always be free!

How can I report a bug?
Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to report a bug.

How can I find a fitness professional in my area?
To find the most qualified fitness professional in your area, simply enter your zip code and the type of fitness professional that you’re looking for here.

How can I tell if the fitness professional listed is currently certified?
You will be able to tell if the fitness professional is currently certified by looking for these indicators:

Verified= This certification has been verified by the certification agency.
Not verified= This certification has not been verified by the certification agency.
Expired= This certification has been reported expired by the certification agency.
Pending= This certification has been submitted to the certification agency for verification.
Unknown= This certification can not be verified. The agency is currently not accepting verification requests.

I am receiving a newsletter from a fitness professional on IDEA FitnessConnect and want to be removed from their e-mail list. How do I do this?
You can remove yourself from the list at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any newsletter e-mail.


Why do I appear on IDEA FitnessConnect?
You appear on IDEA FitnessConnect because you have agreed to IDEA’s terms and conditions through one of the following ways:

  1. You are an IDEA member or subscriber
  2. You are certified by a certification agency that is participating with IDEA FitnessConnect
  3. Your information has been made publicly available on one of our partner websites
  4. You are a user and therefore agreed to its terms and conditions

Who can see my profile?
Your profile will be viewable to everyone by default. You do, however, have the ability to hide certain information from the public by going to “Privacy Settings” under your profile picture in the “Quick Links” box.

Does IDEA FitnessConnect give out my e-mail/phone number to users who want to contact me?
No, we do not show your e-mail or phone number to users. The only way users will be able to contact you is through the “Contact” button on your profile.

How can I control the information on my profile?
You can review and edit your profile at any time. You can also remove your profile from IDEA FitnessConnect by going to “Privacy Settings” under your profile picture in the “Quick Links” box. Once there, slide the button next to “Public Profile” from “On” to “Off”.

Can I find out how often my profile is viewed and on what websites?
You can find out these details by viewing the “Statistics Summary” in the left column of the “My Account” page.

How do you use my information?
To find out how we use your information, please see our privacy policy.

Fitness Professional Profiles:

Does it cost money to have a profile on IDEA FitnessConnect?
No, it’s absolutely free to have a profile!

Can I still have a profile if I’m not currently certified or if my certification agency does not provide verification?
Yes, all fitness professionals are welcome to create profiles regardless of certification agency or status.

How can I create a profile on IDEA FitnessConnect?
Please click here to begin creating your profile.

How can I remove myself from IDEA FitnessConnect?
You can easily remove yourself by logging in and going to “Privacy Settings” under your profile picture in the “Quick Links” box. Once there, slide the button next to “Public Profile” from “On” to “Off”.

I looked myself up and I have more than one profile. What should I do?
Please e-mail member services at [email protected] and include the login information for both of your profiles so that they can remedy the situation.

If I forgot my username and password, what do I do?
To log in to you will need your username or e-mail address and password. If you do not know your password, go to and a new temporary password will be e-mailed to you. Once you have logged on you should create a unique username and password. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Once you are logged in, click on the “My Account” link at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the “Edit” tab.
  3. Once you are on the Edit page, enter your desired username and then fill in the blank “Password” and “Confirm Password” fields. You can then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Submit” button.
What is the difference between the public profile and the “My Account” page?
Your public profile is open for everyone to see. When you log in to, you will see the “My Account” page where you can edit information on your profile. Only you can view your “My Account” page.

How do I change my e-mail address?
You can change your e-mail address by going to the “Overview” tab and clicking “Edit” next to “Account Details.”

I am an international fitness professional; can I use IDEA FitnessConnect?
Yes, international fitness professionals can use all of the tools on IDEA FitnessConnect. While users will only be able to search for fitness professionals in the United States and Canada right now, IDEA is currently working on adding more countries to the list.

Do I have to use all the tools to participate?
No, you do not have to use all the tools to participate. You can use as few or as many tools as you like.

I'm not looking for new clients, why would I do this?
IDEA FitnessConnect will help you retain your current clients with tools such as the client newsletter, professional blog, video library, and classes & events. IDEA FitnessConnect will also serve as a good opportunity for you to develop “professional recognition” for your achievements and career.

How will this generate leads for me?
Your profile will be viewed by over 16 million fitness and health-oriented consumers through the IDEA website and other popular health and fitness sites such as,,, and Additionally, your profile will be found and have a high ranking on search engines like Google when people search for your type of services.

What goes into the algorithm?
The ranking algorithm is made up of 2 dozen parts, with each part weighted based on level of importance. In addition to industry credentials, the algorithm also takes into account variables such as percentage of profile filled out, CPR certification, professional insurance, and college degrees.

Can I manage a personal profile and a facility profile?
Yes, you can absolutely manage both a personal profile and a facility profile.

I’m getting spam. How can I stop this?
If you are getting spam, you can turn off the “Contact” button in your privacy settings. Keep in mind, however, that by disabling the contact button, other potential clients will not be able to get in touch with you.

What do I do if my certification status is wrong?
If your certification status is wrong, you can contact your certification agency and ask them to correct it.

Can I change my name on my profile?
Yes, you can change your name on your profile by going to your account details and editing your first/last name.

What does the “Follow My Updates” button on my profile mean?
Visitors to your profile page can click the “Follow My Updates” button to be alerted via their RSS reader of any updates on your profile, such as adding a class/event, video or blog post.

What does it mean to “share content”?
There are two ways to share content:

  1. By clicking the “Client Share” button on any piece of content on, you can easily share that piece of content with anyone from your clients & leads list. An automatic e-mail will be sent to the people you selected with a link to that piece of content and a message from you.
  2. By clicking the “Share Content” button on your “My Account” page, you will be able to share any content from the website with your clients & leads list. An automatic e-mail will be sent to the people you selected with a link to that piece of content and a message from you.
Note: Members can share members-only content with anyone for one month.

Can I delete a rating/review from my profile?
No, similar to other ratings/review sites like and, IDEA FitnessConnect does not allow you to delete ratings/reviews from your profile. While you cannot delete them, it is of good practice to respond to your ratings/reviews. Please keep in mind that you have the ability to turn off your ratings/reviews function by logging in and going to “Privacy Settings” under your profile picture in the “Quick Links” box. Once there, slide the button next to “Ratings/Reviews” from “On” to “Off”.

Club/Studio Profiles:

How do I add staff members to my staff management list?
To add a staff member to your club/studio, go to the “Staff” tab and click “Add/Invite Staff.” A light box will come up where you can type in your staff member’s information. If they are in the IDEA FitnessConnect system already, they will receive an invitation to add your facility as a training location to their profile. If they don’t have an IDEA FitnessConnect account, they will receive an invitation to create a profile and to add your facility as a training location.

How do I remove a staff member from my staff management list?
You can remove a staff member by going to the “Staff” tab and finding the box with the staff member that you want to remove. Once there, click on the settings icon and choose the “Remove Staff Member” option.

What does it mean to enable a staff member’s limited profile?
When you enable a staff member’s limited profile, a visitor who clicks on that staff member from your facility’s profile will see profile information that only pertains to your facility.

I am the owner/manager of a club/studio on IDEA FitnessConnect, how do I access it?
You can do this by going to that club/studio’s profile and clicking the “Claim this Profile” button. You will then be prompted to create an account and to be prepared to receive a call from IDEA verifying that you have the authority to claim the profile. If you want to claim a club/studio but it is not already in the system, click here.

How do I offer a free guest pass to potential members?
When you claim your profile, you will have the option of offering a free guest pass or not. If you change your mind, however, go to the “Members & Leads” tab and check/uncheck the box that says “I will send the leads gathered through a free guest pass within 2 business days of receiving their information (recommended).”

How do I change my club/studio address or name?
On the left side of your club/studio profile you will see your location listed. To change the address or name, click the “Change Address/Name” button.

Classes & Events—Host Information:

How do I get a map or directions to appear on my Classes & Events page?
If you add a valid street address to the class/event, a map and directions will show up on the right side of the page. Note: You can also change the address after the class/event is created.

How can I change the title, description, time, date or location of my class/event?
You can edit a class/event by simply going to the “Classes & Events” tab, choosing “Edit” from the settings icon next to the class/event, adding new information to any field that you would like and clicking save. You will be able to change the class/event up until the start time. When you edit your class/event, attendees will get an e-mail updating them with the changes.

How many people can I invite to my class/event?
You can invite as many people as you want to your class/event.

How do I cancel an upcoming class/event that I created?
You can cancel an upcoming class/event by going to the “Classes & Events” tab and choosing “Cancel” from the settings icon next to the class/event. All attendees will receive an e-mail notifying them about the cancellation.

How do I invite people to my class/event?
After creating a class/event, you will be prompted to invite people by using the clients and leads that you have in the system or by typing in e-mail address. You will also be given a permanent URL that you can post elsewhere on the Web to promote your class/event.

Success Tools:

Clients & Leads

What is a lead?
A lead is a potential new client. Someone who is interested in your services and uses the “Contact” button on your profile will automatically be populated in your "Leads" tab. You can also populate your leads from outside sources.

How do I change a lead to a client or a client to a lead?
You can change a client to a lead or a lead to a client by going to the “Clients & Leads” tab, clicking on the settings icon to the right of the person’s name and choosing either “Convert to Lead” or “Convert to Client”.

How can I change client/lead contact information?
You can change client/lead contact information, including the name, e-mail, phone number, and address, by going to the “Clients & Leads” tab, clicking on the settings icon to the right of the person’s name and choosing the “Edit” option.

How do I add a client/lead?
You can add a client/lead by going to the “Clients & Leads” tab and clicking the “Add Client” or “Add Lead” button on the right side of the page. You can also import a list of clients and leads from Excel (.csv or .txt) by clicking on the “Import Clients” or “Import Leads” button and downloading the sample template for the correct formatting.

How do I delete a client or a lead?
You can delete a client or lead by going to the “Clients & Leads” tab, clicking on the settings icon to the right of the person’s name and choosing the “Delete” option.

How do I know if a client/lead subscribes to my newsletter?
You can check a subscription by clicking on the “Clients & Leads” tab. You will see a checkmark with the word “subscribed” to the right of the person’s name if he or she currently subscribes to your newsletter.

How do I add a client/lead to my newsletter?
There are two ways to add a client/lead to your newsletter:

1) The first way is by going to the “Clients & Leads” tab, clicking on the settings icon to the right of the person’s name and choosing the “Add to Newsletter” option.
2) The second way is by going to the “Quick Links” box under your profile picture and clicking the “Manage Client Newsletter” button. Once there, click on the “Manage Recipient List” button and check the client/lead that you would like to add to your newsletter. This will transfer the client/lead to the newsletter invitation list.

Success Stories

How do I edit a success story?
You can edit a success story by going to the “Success Stories” tab and finding the success story that you want to edit. Once there, click on the settings icon and choose the “Edit Success Story” option.


What should I do with my blog?
A blog is an online journal in which you can include text, images and links. By creating a blog, you will be able to share your knowledge and expertise with potential and existing clients and inspire them to stay fit and healthy.

I already have an existing blog, how do I link that to my profile?
By clicking on the “Blog” tab, you can link to your existing blog on another website by choosing “Option B” and clicking “Link to My Blog.”

To learn more about the blogs on IDEA FitnessConnect, click here.


What does the newsletter consist of?
The content of each issue is a combination of IDEA’s editorial content and the data on your profile. Your profile picture, contact information, social media links and upcoming events are automatically copied into the newsletter. If you sync your blog to your profile, the issue will also include the three most recent blog posts in the sidebar. You can brand every issue with your own logo, tagline and website as well.

When does the newsletter go out each month?
If you have enabled your newsletter, it will be sent on the 1st of each month to the list of clients and leads that you put into your recipient list.

To learn more about the IDEA FitnessConnect newsletter, click here.


How do I export my video from my camera?
Exporting your video content from your camera will all depend on the make and model of your camera. Please refer to your camera's user manual for the correct instructions on exporting your video.

What should I use to edit my video?
You can easily edit your video by using video editing software that is commonly packed in with your operating system.

Operating System Editing Software Online Manual
Windows 7 Windows Live Movie Maker Manual
Windows XP Windows Movie Maker Manual
Mac OSX iMovie Manual

I just uploaded a video and it doesn't play. Why?
All of our videos are placed into a queued process for video encoding and quality assurance review. Once your video has been encoded and reviewed, you will see your video thumbnail change from "Video Pending" to a screenshot of your uploaded video.

Why is my upload taking so long?
Your experience with the upload process is completely dependant on your current internet bandwidth. A slow internet connection will affect your upload time. Also, large files will take longer to upload even with a decent internet connection, so please read your software user guide for achieving optimal video compression prior to upload.

What's wrong with my video quality?
IDEA encodes all uploaded video into a web format, which will reduce the video size and data rate if necessary. With that being said, videos that were already low in quality will be compressed even further and quality will decrease. Please see you software user guide for optimal video compression. Remember that IDEA allows for video files up to 1Gig, so video quality for most of your exercise videos should not be a problem if properly encoded on the user's machine.

What kinds of videos should I upload?
The most successful videos are shorter than 2 minutes and demonstrate a particular exercise or movement for your client.
Note: IDEA’s editors will be looking at the videos and choosing the best ones to share in the IDEA Exercise Library. Some of the features that our editors are looking for are videos that are useful to other professionals, clear, free of distractions, and non-promotional.

Still have questions?
Feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]