The Science of Core Training Certificate

by Chuck Wolf, MS, Lee Burton, PhD, Lynne Skilton-Hayes, Mike Bracko, EdD and Beverly Hosford, MA

Earn up to 9 CECs/CEUs from ACE, ACSM, NASM, NFPT, WITS and more!

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Although core training has become a staple in training programs, there are still many misconceptions about the core, it's functions and how to properly design a progressive core training program.

Training the core requires an exercise regime that goes beyond a simple “abs and back” workout. Building a truly strong base of support in the entire core not only increases your clients functional movement while decreasing injury, but also allows for better transfer of forces to the extremities and improved performance.

This certificate program will give you the background and tools you need to create a comprehensive, safe and effective core training program for every client.


  • Dive into the anatomy of the core and exercises that rebalance the abdominal area.
  • Learn how to enhance core function by changing body angles and using extremity movements.
  • Understand the fascial relationships that functionally feed the core.
  • Discover the much overlooked importance of training the posterior chain of the core with the deadlift and hip hinge exercises.
  • Explore multiplanar exercises that effectively and specifically target the shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle and everything in between.

The Science of Core Training Certificate:

  • Five engaging video courses (a $320 value!)
  • Up to 9 CECs/CEUs from ACE, ACSM, NASM, NFPT, NCCPT, WITS and more!
  • Education taught by IDEA’s experts Beverly Hosford, Chuck Wolf, MS, Lee Burton, PhD, Lynne Skilton-Hayes and Mike Bracko, EdD

Available Course Credits


Learning Objectives

  1. Identify attachments of the abdominal muscles.
  2. Describe movements of individual abdominal muscles.
  3. Design exercises that create a contraction of the abdominal muscles.
  4. Guide clients to feel their abdominal muscles during exercises.
  5. Explain the tri-plane function of the abdominal complex.
  6. Describe how injury of the foot, ankle or shoulder can affect the abdominal function.
  7. Describe a regressive to progressive approach to train the abdominals in 3 planes of motion.
  8. Explain how posture affects the actions of the abdominals and lumbar spine.
  9. Discuss how hip movement is necessary for optimal abdominal complex function.
  10. Discuss the influence of the neuromuscular and anatomical systems on core function.
  11. Describe how movement patterns and the core become dysfunctional.
  12. Address dysfunctions in the core through exercise progressions.
  13. Outline ways to specifically address the posterior chain of the core.
  14. Outline why core training is the cornerstone to safe and effective program design.
  15. Explain precautions in core training as well as regressions and progressions for a variety of exercises other than crunches.
  16. List common muscle imbalances in the core and how to develop an exercise program that takes these into consideration.
  17. Describe how the core is used in movement and how all movements emanate from the core to the arms, legs and upper body.
  18. Implement actions to prevent injury and improve performance through lifting techniques, improving core function and proper neutral spine loading.
  19. Organize a tool box of horizontal and vertical core training exercises to use with clients.

Course Content

Cue Movement and Exercise With Abdominal Anatomy, by NFPT
Core Connections: Progression Strategies to Enhance Core Function
A Different Look at Core Training: The Backside
From Neck to Knees….More Than Just Core!
Power Core for Sports and Fitness Performance

About the Author

Chuck Wolf, MS

Chuck Wolf, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Chuck Wolf, MS, is the director of Human Motion Associates, in Orlando, Florida, consulting with clients ranging from rehabilitation settings to elite, professional athletes. Chuck is one of the industry's top educators with his expertise in functional anatomy, movement analysis, function and advanced program design. He holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology.

Lee Burton, PhD

Lee Burton, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

Lee Burton, PhD, is the program director for athletic training at Averett University. He holds a doctorate in health promotion, is the co-developer of the Functional Movement Screen, and has published articles in a variety of sports medicine journals and magazines. Certifications: NATA, NSCA-CSCS

Lynne Skilton-Hayes

Lynne Skilton-Hayes IDEA Author/Presenter

Lynne Skilton-Hayes is the Fitness Program Supervisor at the University of Guelph where she is responsible for hundreds of programs for students, faculty, staff and community. She is a canfitpro and ACE certified group fitness instructor and master personal trainer. Lynne holds a B.SC. degree and brings over 20 years of education and experience to the fitness industry. She is an International Fitness Presenter/Educator, a canfitpro ProTrainer and a master trainer for Bender Ball. Lynne has done work for television and print. Certification: ACE

Mike Bracko, EdD

Mike Bracko, EdD IDEA Author/Presenter

My primary passion is fitness education. I "educate" by writing articles on a variety of topics all relates to fitness, health, occupational physiology, and sports performance. I have a contact with and I also contribute to canfitpro Magazine. Another passion of mine is presenting at fitness conferences. I've done this for 20 years. I present at conferences in Canada, US, and Asia every year. Most recently I presented at canfitpro Vancouver & Edmonton, and the Asia Fitness Conference (Bangkok). When I'm not working in fitness, I'm a skating coach for ice hockey players, as well as a strength & conditioning (S&C) coach (for hockey players). I am the S&C coach for the USA Men's Deaflympic Hockey Team and I've done this work for 20 years having worked at 4 Deaflympics (including the 2019 Games in Chiavenna, Italy) and 3 World Championships. I love playing hockey, x-c-skiing, mt biking, and being in the mountains. Also love all water sports especially stand up paddling. Also one of my favorite things to do is taking my dog, Bear (Black Lab) for trail runs, swimming, and walking. I like training outside and will do so in any temperature - hot or cold.

Beverly Hosford, MA

Beverly Hosford, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

I live in the mountains of Montana with my two dogs, two boys and husband. I'm currently most fascinated with sleep science and circadian rhythm but always love teaching anatomy with my skeleton Andy and talking business. I'm the author of Fitness Career Freedom: Align with your path and get ahead and the founder of Andy's Online Anatomy Program. I enjoy helping fitness and wellness professionals find alignment in both their bodies and businesses. Visit to watch action-oriented, inspiring videos about career, business, anatomy and body awareness.

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