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The Female Physique: The Link Between Nutrition, Hormones and Strength Training

Scott Josephson, MS, RD

Explore the specific role hormones play in fat storage, substrate utilization and metabolism. Learn how nutrient timing, specific quantities of protein, fat and carbohydrate intake, and various exercise protocols, make a huge difference in your female client's physique!

Solutions for Training Post-pregnancy Clients

Kristen Horler, MS and Kylan Pimley

Learn how to support your postpregnancy clients with movements that alleviate common aches and pains during the postpartum period. Learn about new mom hot spots such as carpal tunnel inflammation, separation of the rectus abdominus, tight hamstrings and weak transverse abdominus muscles.

Functional Exercise Progressions for Female Clients

Christina Christie, PT

In this course, we will look at the complexity of the female body from the teenage years through the post-menopausal years. From evidenced-based research and female-specific exercise progressions to important women's health information, this session has it all!

Communicating With Your Female Clients for Breakthrough Results

Rachel Cosgrove

There is an art to communicating with your female clients. Rachel will reveal strategies to help them “breakthrough” and achieve the body they always dreamed of. Learn exact scripts and dialogue to help clients overcome the psychological barriers that have been holding them back.

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The videos are filmed live at IDEA’s fitness conventions, including IDEA World, the Super Bowl of Fitness, where premiere trainers, researchers and educators share their knowledge with over 14,000 fitness professionals.
IDEAfit TV offers videos from over 300 presenters who have each made a unique contribution to the fitness professional industry. Popular videos include:

Top Course of 2017
The Female Physique: The Link Between Nutrition, Hormones and Strength Training
Scott Josephson, MS, RD

Top Nutrition Course of 2017
Precision Nutrition: How to Fix a Broken Diet—Three Ways to Get Your Eating on Track
John Berardi, PhD

Top Small Group & Personal Training Course of 2017
Blast Your Abs, Glutes and Core—A Big HIIT With Your Clients
Peter Twist, MSc

Top Functional Training Course of 2017
Core Connections: Progression Strategies to Enhance Core Function
Chuck Wolf, MS

Top Strength Training Course of 2017
Optimize Function and Mobility with Strong and Stable Shoulders and Glutes
Ingrid Marcum

Top Coaching & Professional Development Course of 2017
Become a World-Class Coach—Top Seven Must-Dos to Create Success and Significance
Todd Durkin, MA

Top Exercise Science Course of 2017
Training Fascia—Research Developments in Fibrous Connective Tissue Training
Michol Dalcourt

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