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Rock Solid!

Krista Popowych

If you have been instructing long enough, chances are you have fallen into the trap of teaching the same strength routine more often than not. Join Krista as she takes you through a variety of training formats such as super-setting, tri-setting, combination training and more, and learn effective and creative ways to take your strength training from blasé to rock solid.

Your Guide to Stronger Legs and Great Glutes!

Nick Clayton, MS, MBA

Exercise selection isn't always "one size fits all" and successful trainers know they need a number of exercise variations to match the different ability levels of clients. In this course, you'll learn dozens of exercise variations, including metabolic "finishers" that will improve strength and work capacity, as well as tighten and tone the lower body!

Optimize Function and Mobility with Strong and Stable Shoulders and Glutes

Ingrid Marcum

The connection between each shoulder and the opposite hip is a crucial component of fundamental human movement. In this course, you’ll learn methods for reactivating and connecting to inhibited glutes as well as the fundamentals of developing strong and stable shoulders.

Olympic Lifting – The Mechanics and Progressions

Doug Katona, MS

In this course viewers will learn how to execute and coach/cue the key Olympic lifts. Attention will be paid to proper setup, performance and scalability for the squat and press progressions, and we will analyze the proper technique and progression principles behind the snatch and clean and jerk.

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Are you a fitness professional with a desire to build your skill sets and knowledge base to improve client performance and results? Are you a certified fitness professional looking for the best courses at reduced prices? Are you a fitness professional who is curious about changes, innovations and trends within your industry? If your answer to any of these question was yes, we encourage you to try IDEAfit TV.
The videos are filmed live at IDEA’s fitness conventions, including IDEA World, the Super Bowl of Fitness, where premiere trainers, researchers and educators share their knowledge with over 14,000 fitness professionals.
IDEAfit TV offers videos from over 300 presenters who have each made a unique contribution to the fitness professional industry. Popular videos include:

Top Course of 2017
The Female Physique: The Link Between Nutrition, Hormones and Strength Training
Scott Josephson, MS, RD

Top Nutrition Course of 2017
Precision Nutrition: How to Fix a Broken Diet—Three Ways to Get Your Eating on Track
John Berardi, PhD

Top Small Group & Personal Training Course of 2017
Blast Your Abs, Glutes and Core—A Big HIIT With Your Clients
Peter Twist, MSc

Top Functional Training Course of 2017
Core Connections: Progression Strategies to Enhance Core Function
Chuck Wolf, MS

Top Strength Training Course of 2017
Optimize Function and Mobility with Strong and Stable Shoulders and Glutes
Ingrid Marcum

Top Coaching & Professional Development Course of 2017
Become a World-Class Coach—Top Seven Must-Dos to Create Success and Significance
Todd Durkin, MA

Top Exercise Science Course of 2017
Training Fascia—Research Developments in Fibrous Connective Tissue Training
Michol Dalcourt

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