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Unleash the power of play to create confident, high performing young athletes
Introducing The Powerful Playground. Get the tools to help kids become active and athletic for life.

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30% Off: Learn to prevent or slow neurodegenerative diseases.
Brain Health Trainer Instruction
You too can become the go-to professional in the dramatically growing active aging market, and help clients at risk for or with dementia.
Earn 10 CECs
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Offer ends 4/1/2020

30% Off - New Course
Power Medicine Ball Drills for Groups
Learn one-on-one, partner and group medicine ball drills designed to improve neuromuscular activation, balance, coordination and agility.
Earn 2 CECs
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Offer ends 4/1/2020

30% Off - New Course
50 Ways to Leave Your Core Lovers Wanting You More
Learn 50 unique core exercises that utilize all three planes of motion, and both prone and supine positions.
Earn 1 CEC.
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Offer ends 4/1/2020

30% Off SGT Ken's Boot Camp™ Instructor Certification
Become a certified Boot Camp instructor. Learn a winning formula that attracts more clients and gets proven results. Earn 8 CECs
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Offer ends 4/1/2020

Low-Cost Liability Insurance
Only $0.26/Day
Professional liability insurance policies cover liability and trip-and-fall claims wherever you are training clients: at clubs, in homes, at the YMCA, at parks, anywhere.
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Try IDEA Membership for FREE

Join a community of 250,000 fitness professionals. Surround yourself with the best—IDEA members earn 74% more money and stay in the industry for 60% longer than the industry average.  

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Get unlimited access to over 800 streaming videos and 250 CEC approved online courses.
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