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Bachelor of Applied Science Yoga Therapy Degree
The Bachelor Applied Science Degree Yoga Therapy is designed for Certified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapist professionals with college credit and/ or college-equivalent credit. The degree is structured on the concept that builds an individually designed academic degree program around the major already completed. This is a unique series of courses that are rarely found in schools and colleges of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) or Natural Medicine.
Receive 33 semester hours with (IYAT, YTA, KYTA, CYTA, Yoga Alliance, IYTA, NAIC, AAPNA, NAMA or similar) board certification, and complete additional SCNM coursework to fulfill the BAS major and overall bachelor degree requirements.
Transfer up to 39 semester hours of direct college credit or college equivalent credit toward your SCNM degree. Additional credit is awarded for documented two-years related work experience.
With advanced placement it's possible to earn your Bachelors Degree in Yoga Therapy in two years or less!
Graduates are eligible to practice legally in all 50 states and may be eligible for both Vocational and or Clerical Medical Authorization!
Finances an issue? We recommend that you apply for one of our generous Grants or Tuition Scholarship Programs.
NAIC, NCBTMB, AADP, NAMA, AAPNA, ANMA, Florida State Massage Board# 50-11633 and SMOCH Approved
A Native American Indigenous Church Seminary and School of Natural Medicine Program.

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5401 Saving Grace LN
Brooksville, FL 34602

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