Xstra's 10 Minutes @ Home Challenge for 7 Straight Days pt2

by Naimah "Xstra" Cyprian

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Join me, Xstra, and friends from around the world for a 7 day fun exercise challenge. Each month I will host my 10 Minutes @ Home Workout Challenge for one week. Anyone can join! No traveling expenses or gym membership necessary... STAY HOME! Pick any 3 of your favorite songs and start moving! You can dance, lift weights, do yoga, kickboxing, pilates, free-style, kettlebell, etc... whatever you like. Target any or all muscles. All fitness levels and any age can participate. Please check with your physician for clearance before participating in any physical active. Safety first. Check out my sample video! There's a Part 1 & Part 2. Encouraging the world to stay active.

About the Presenter


Naimah "Xstra" Cyprian IDEA Author/Presenter

Naimah, also known as Xstra, is the kind professional fitness enthusiastist who believes the benefits of hard work is success when becoming the change you want to see. She's committed to developing healthier life-styles and well-being in others not only by creating fun, safe and inviting environments but also through knowledge, motivation, passion and personal experience.