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Wide grip lat pull down

by LeAnn Bauer

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This is an exercise for the Latissimus Dorsi with the assisted muscles beiing Biceps. This video is of a client that had absolutely NO back muscles but in 9weeks developed unbelieveable strength and muscle mass in her back.

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tracie's back 001.avi: Download File

About the Presenter

LeAnn Bauer

LeAnn Bauer IDEA Author/Presenter

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and owner of Be Strong-Body & Mind LLC. I am also a certified nutritionist that works with NFL players on their nutrition. My gym is for every age and health need. I don't specialize in any certain population and all of my business is from word of mouth and actual results from clients. I love helping others feel as good as I do about their strength inside as well as out. Most importantly I want my clients to have FUN!