What Is The Active Resistance Training Method?

by Terri Walsh


Created by Terri Walsh, Active Resistance Training is the first 'fitness practice' based in 4 active resistance points that drive motion from the inside, out. Through focused deep engagement of the AR points, you'll create intensity without impact...reduce your reliance on high impact cardio and gain full control over how your body looks, feels, and moves. Through active practice, you'll get amazing results...you can have the body you want, you don't have to get hurt to make it happen!

About the Presenter

Terri Walsh

Terri Walsh IDEA Author/Presenter

Terri Walsh, author, studio owner, fitness instructor, personal trainer and former Creative Director of Crunch created the Active Resistance Training Method® over the course of her 30 year career. The ART Studio NYC is located in downtown SoHo in New York City.