Weight Bearing or Weight Lifting? "Safe Strength Training for Osteoporosis Prevention" DVD

by Susan Hathaway


Video clip about the difference between strength training and weight bearing exercise and why being on your feet is important. Susie Hathaway, certified personal trainer, has created a 90-minute DVD which contains: A 50-minute full-body workout and a BONUS 40-minute coaching session on how to safely strength train over-fifty. This unique DVD is a personal training class on a disc, with all of the information that Susie teaches in her popular 14-hour strength training classes for women. Go to http://susiehathaway.com to order directly from Amazon.

About the Presenter

Susan Hathaway

Susan Hathaway IDEA Author/Presenter

I specialize in strength training for women in their middle years and beyond, helping them build healthy lifestyles to help prevent osteoporosis. I offers classes and private personal training, geared toward helping women learn full body strength training, in a safe and easy manner. Read my Blog at SusieHathaway.com for tips and resources, specifically for women in their 40s to 90s, on incorporating strength training into the healthy lifestyle needed to help prevent osteoporosis, keep strong muscles throughout life, and live independently.