WAPPP: Women's Self Defense Workshop

by Tom Gallo


Taken from a Women's Self Defense Level 1 seminar where the participants learn the main 12 targets of the body to attack and how to apply them under low stress attacks.

About the Presenter

Tom Gallo

Tom Gallo IDEA Author/Presenter

I have been involved with Martial Arts for over 27 years. I teach classes, workshops, and seminars in FMA, KMA, C.Q.T., Kyusho, Combative Locks, Knife Defense, Kickboxing, Self Defense, and more. I am a Certified Instructor with Kyusho International and ranked highest in New York State. I mentor instructors all over the USA and Europe. I am the founder of T.A.C.T.I.C.S, a martial art for today's world, as well as - Instructor in KTCP: Kyusho Tactical Control Program; Ranked with the International Association of Kyusho-Jutsu Master Instructors; Instructor/Developer of American Hwa Rang; Former Instructor in Sayoc Kali. For complete bio visit http://tacticsmartialarts.org/team. Our Studio is located in Elmont, N.Y. visit our website www.TacticsMartialArts.org