Various Fat Burning Exercises

by James Tibbits


Various short fat burning exercises

About the Presenter

James Tibbits

James Tibbits IDEA Author/Presenter

Hi! I have over 16 years experience in fitness training, and my passion is to make bodies stronger, healthier, and more attractive. I currently own and operate BodyBalance Fitness in the city of Irvine. My previous experience includes being a Personal Trainer at: Bally's Total Fitness and LA Fitness (Orange County), and Racket Ball and Fitness (San Antonio, Texas). I am a Certified Kettlebell Instructor through the International Kettlebell Fitness Federation (IKFF), as well as a Certified TRX Suspension Gear Trainer. My other credentials include: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), International Sports Science Association (ISSA), SrFit Specialty Training Certification, and Functional Movement. My clients succeed because of my fun, unconventional methods of training methods and my motivational skills. Here's what some of my clients are saying about me: Steven H., CFLS - "I found out about James from my daughter, who was training with a friend. For Father's Day she and my wife got me a training package with James. I've had a gym membership for 17 years, done personal training, "boot camps", running groups, but NOTHING has been more effective for me than James' kettlebell workouts. He's firm but fun, demonstrates the technique well, and provides variety. The combination of kettlebells, body movement, and the TRX system have me sweating in no time, more flexible and feeling stronger daily. My clothes are looser and tighter where they should be, and I have James to thank for that." Bita H., MD - "I have trained with James Tibbits for over one year and the experience has been nothing but positive. He is the best trainer that I have ever worked with. If you decide to work out with James do not expect the same old work out with machines that most people use. His unique routines utilize Kettlebells, TRX Suspension training bands and your own body weight. He gives you a total body work out every time so that in 30 minutes you feel you have used all your muscles ... even ones you did not know you even had! He is also a great guy with a colorful personality, which makes the sessions fun and helps the time pass. I would recommend James as a trainer, without reservation, to anyone who is serious about getting into the best shape of their lives." Adrienne P. - "James, I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me over the last few months. First – I had gotten so bored working out with in my typical routine using weights and doing cardio. You introduced me to a whole new way of working out with the TRX and Kettlebells. You have revived my love for working out and being fit! Second – I have always worked out and been healthy, but the work we have done has sculpted my body to the point my family and friends have noticed a difference. Because of that I have a new degree of confidence. Lastly – Before I started training with you I had pain from a bulged disk in my back. The workouts we have done, especially with the Kettlebells, have strengthened my back to where the pain has significantly diminished. You are the best! I would highly recommend you for anyone who is in need of a trainer. Thanks so much for your knowledge, education and motivation. It has truly changed my life!" Nancy G. - "If you are looking for a great workout offering a challenging, inventive and effective routine, then James is the trainer for you. After 6 previous trainers, I started working out with James. He was the only one offering Kettlebell routines and workouts using the TRX: fantastic total body/core strengthening exercises. After working with James for two years, my body has completely changed shape and I am noticeably stronger. He is always researching to find new approaches to exercise, so there is always something new. James is fun, creative, and will adapt his exercises to your level of ability and objective. His positive attitude will keep you on track and you will work hard, but see results. Give him a try!" Christy S. - "James has changed my life! One year ago, I could not sleep on my left side due to severe hip and sciatic nerve pain. After just a few weeks of working out with James and his kettle bell techniques, I was able to sleep without any pain or discomfort. I have lost 20 pounds and feel amazing. The key for me has been James ability to keep the workouts fun and challenging. Thank you, James!"