TRX® FORCE™ For Prehab/Rehab Training

by Delmar Carey


Learn how TRX® FORCE™ can help rehab injuries and reduce the risk of new injuries from occurring. TRX FORCE is the functional training system of choice for units in every branch of the Armed Forces

About the Presenter

Delmar Carey

Delmar Carey IDEA Author/Presenter

Delmar specializes in functional movement for weight lose, muscle & joint improvement, sports performance, rehab/injury recovery. Delmar believes that education is the foundation of personal training-for both the trainer and the client. The more Delmar learns, the better he is able to educate clients on how to make a lasting lifestyle change. One of his core value is "Passion": He goes above and beyond to understand the health and fitness of each client. One of his earliest fitness memories is of being a 9 year old accompaning his older brother to the gym. "I was excited to see the people in the gym getting bigger and stronger," he recalls. Delmar volunteers for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and is also a member of FL USA Powerlifting.