TRX Chest Press Feet Together for Breast Cancer Recovery

by Laura Lummer-Sigmon


The TRX chest press with feet together is the next progression when you have moved through the wide leg stance position and you're feeling comfortable with adding more intense resistance to your chest. In this movement the further away you're feet are from the anchor point the less resistance is on the chest. As you progress and build strength, continue to move your feet closer to the anchor point to increase resistance.

About the Presenter

Laura Lummer-Sigmon

Laura Lummer-Sigmon IDEA Author/Presenter

After completing treatment for breast cancer in 2012, I gained first-hand experience of the damaging effects of cancer treatment. I opted not to go the prescription drug route of managing, weight gain, bone and joint pain, neuropathy, and debilitating fatigue. Instead, I turned to food, movement, mindfulness and holistic treatments to regain my health. Through this experience, I developed a passion for supporting other cancer survivors in overcoming the challenges brought on by treatment and in getting back to living a thriving and fulfilling life. I became a mentor for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, and I launched a podcast, "The Breast Cancer Recovery Coach". Cancer patients have unique needs and concerns and I am honored to get to work with these amazing people and to see their strengths manifest into creating healthy, happy lives.