Troubleshooting the Kettlebell Swing

by Marianne Kane


Some common technique issues that people face with their Kettlebell swing are corrected in this video. One such issue people have is reporting some lower back aching. This can often be "fixed" with a few simple cues and drills.

About the Presenter

Marianne Kane

Marianne Kane IDEA Author/Presenter

I'm Marianne, and I'm originally from N. Ireland. I started my career as a Cardiac Nurse over 10 years ago, but along the way, I gravitated towards fitness as a way to help promote long-term health and wellness. Having a chronic illness myself (an autoimmune arthritis), I know first hand the health benefits of exercise; both physically and mentally (living with pain is not easy). I'm an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Founder of MyomyFitness, MyomyStudio, The Pull-Up Academy, and Co-Founder of Girls Gone Strong and Get Glutes. I have been helping people find their fit-selves online and in person for 8 years. Now I'd love to come to you and help you reach your goals. Honestly, the best part of the work that I do is seeing the changes in my clients' demeanour. Not just seeing them get physically stronger, moving better and getting leaner, but seeing them find confidence they didn't know they had. Their fitness journey becomes an expression of who they are, and it causes a shift in how they see themselves. In effect they become fit for their purpose in life and it's wonderful to be a part of their story.