trigger point - thoracic spine

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1. Lie on your back with a double trigger ball (two tennis balls taped together) under your spine, just above your lower back. Place your hands behind your head. 2. Perform3 crunches. 3. Raise your arms straight up over your chest, and then reach one arm overhead in an arc. 4. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other arm. 5. Continue alternating for3 repetitions with each arm. 6. Move the double trigger ball up your spine 1 to2 inches and repeat the crunches and arm reaches. 7. Continue moving the double trigger ball up your spine until it is just above your shoulders blades and below the base of your neck. Be sure to: Take your time with each repetition, exhaling as you reach overhead. You should feel it: Releasing tension in your middle to upper back.