by Monika Tarkowska-Carter


Abdominal exercises made progressively more challenging by incorporating balance and core stabilization

About the Presenter

Monika Tarkowska-Carter

Monika Tarkowska-Carter IDEA Author/Presenter

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, increase your strength, flexibility or agility, recover from an injury or prevent one, feel and look healthier and better or condition yourself for your favorite sport, I can help. Wherever you are today, whatever your age or health history I can design a unique personal fitness program, based on solid science, that will help you achieve all your goals. My underlying philosophy at Fitness Science, Inc. is that you are unique in every way. Your anatomical structure, genetic make-up, past experiences, motivation and learned behaviors all impact the way you will best respond to training. Through your work with me as your professional trainer you should not only expect to reach your goals quicker and more safely but also enjoy the process and learn how to maintain your new healthier lifestyle for years to come. Maintenance is where most people fail. This is real art and requires solid knowledge and direction, something you will never be able to learn from classes or tapes. My professional philosophy stresses an integrated approach to well-being. My role in improving my clients' quality of life is that of an educator, motivator and designer of personalized fitness programs. I stress long-term health benefits of improving one's strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness which invariably lead to better appearance, positive outlook on life and enhanced self-esteem. I believe good health and well-being would not be possible to achieve without attention to proper nutrition, good sleep habits, stress management and healthy environment - both physical and emotional. The challenge is finding the right balance between all of the above components. I hope to be your guide on the path to finding it. TRUE HEALTH IS A LOT MORE THAN THE ABSENCE OF DISEASE.