Torch Calories and Tone Muscles

by Gail McGhie


Use these total body exercises to burn calories and sculpt the body. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds, and rest for 10-15 seconds before moving to the next one. For more information go to

About the Presenter

Gail McGhie

Gail McGhie IDEA Author/Presenter

I am passionate about fitness and I love sharing my knowledge about exercise and a healthy lifestyle with my clients. I'm not a drill sergeant, I'm more of a personable coach that motivates you to move and work your body in ways you didn't know were possible. Watching someone transform and enjoy a fitter, healthier lifestyle is very rewarding. Depending on your fitness level, I modify or progress the program with expertise and attentiveness. Customized programs are designed according to goals, strengths, motivations and challenges. One on one sessions provide provide total body conditioning for fat burning, toning and sculpting, increased strength, cardio and muscle endurance and enhanced flexibility. I specialize in training women of all ages and the wide age range is so important because I can see both sides of the spectrum and create programs accordingly. The first meeting with me includes a fitness assessment and a review of eating habits and lifestyle. Sessions start with a dynamic warm up. The work phase involves compound and fat burning exercises and core strength. A relaxing stretch concludes the session. I have a small private fitness area in Crown Heights and I also travel to client's homes. Outdoor workouts and apartment gym sessions are also available. The most valued body, is your own body. Enjoy a fit lifestyle!