Top 5 Body Weight Exercises + Weighted Vest

by Brook Benten Jimenez


Here are the Top 5 Body Weight Exercises: 1. Triceps Push-Up with Contralateral Reach; 2. Standard Push-Up with Side Plank; 3. Push Plank with Hiccup; 4. "Super" Stance Jacks; 5. Plyometric Lunges I have created this video to demonstrate, teach, then join you for the Top 5 Weighted Vest Body Weight Exercises. After the tutorial, I'll take you one time through the exhilarating circuit. On your own, run through that circuit twice more. With the Hyper Vest Pro, you will surely agree: this is the ultimate functional workout!

About the Presenter

Brook Benten Jimenez

Brook Benten Jimenez IDEA Author/Presenter

Wellness, to me, is trekking through life, soaking up the goodness and trailblazing past the muck. It is nurturing the body and soul with movement, compassion, companionship, service to others, laughter, rest, love, and prayer.