The Plank and Push-Up for great Arms and Abs

by Luci Gabel


This is a demo of how to do a plank, a push-up for the chest, and a tricep push-up. I give you a little secret on how to make the push-up easier by using two, key areas of the body. I also show you how to use all of the right areas of your body and stay away from areas you don't want to use so you can get great arms, shoulders and abs, and avoid injury or causing pain in your back or neck.

About the Presenter

Luci Gabel

Luci Gabel IDEA Author/Presenter

I'm Luci, MA, Exercise Physiologist, MBA, Certified American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise Physiologist and American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Because of my extensive education, wide range of experience, and the way I work with clients, I'm more of a coach than a trainer. I work with clients on the entire spectrum of a healthy lifestyle: I give them optimal exercise routines for their body and goals, we clean up the diet, we work on time management, food planning and stress reduction. All of this can be done virtually via phone or video conferencing, (which brings down the cost of the appointments) and in-person when needed. My clients are those who want to: 1.) Take their fitness and nutrition program to the next level. 2.) Begin to exercise safely again after injury or illness 3.) Fine tune diet and exercise to work smarter and not harder 4.) Make serious lifestyle changes to better their health 5.) And care about being led by an expert in the field. Most of my clients live in the Washington DC area and the San Francisco Bay Area and my virtual office allows me to work with anyone around the globe. Once I've helped a client get started, or get over significant hurdles, if he or she would like a personal trainer to assist in the daily workouts my company, LuciFitLLC will provide a top-of-the-line professional. LuciFit trainers make each workout exciting, fun, and safe, and ensure you're sticking to the plan we've created. I keep in close contact with all clients who work with my trainers to make sure they're happy, and I provide them with oversight, spot-training and coaching throughout the year. If it's group coaching you prefer I lead online group coaching programs for clients worldwide. My online program was written up in IDEA Fitness Journal in October 2014. If it's in-person group training you want, my trainers and I are available for that as well. My corporate workshops, wellness programs, and educational lectures are backed with the science of exercise as well as nutrition, combined with stories and anecdotes from real-life experiences. Please feel free to check out my website here: I have been honored to make national media appearances, my writing has been published in a variety of magazines, newspapers and websites, and I have a couple of books forthcoming. The Details: I have a master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Maryland (UMD) and a master’s in business management from John Hopkins’ University. My nutrition education comes from the University of Hawaii and the University of Maryland. My master’s thesis investigated one of the many relationships between exercise and DNA, particularly the vitamin D receptor genotype and insulin sensitivity. I enjoy all types of exercise, both in the gym and outdoors. My regular workouts these days consist mainly of strength training, running, biking, yoga, and Pilates. I love to throw in something different whenever I can just for fun - and I encourage my clients to do the same! I love to travel and enjoy writing about that in my blog ( I also publish healthy delicious and easy meals with influences from around the world. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do from Seoul Korea. I competed in triathlons while living in Hawaii. I've been a practitioner of yoga since my first experiences in New York City in 1993 (Iyengar is still my favorite style). I attended the Physical Mind Pilates Instructor Training in 1997 with Lisa Ortega Robertson in Hawaii, and have incorporated Pilates in my training style ever since. In addition to consulting individuals, I've been a consultant and manager for several five-star clubs and spas around the world. I was the director of The Point, a five-star U.S. government funded health and fitness club in Seoul, South Korea where I received the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service from the U.S. Department of the Army for leading the club to its first profitable year. I directed the personal training department at the Honolulu Club, the premier fitness center in Hawaii. There, my staff training and new service offerings led the department to higher profit margins and a more confident personal training department. I consulted for SomaFit Fitness/Spa, a startup in Georgetown, DC, that grew to a five-star facility under my management in just two years. SomaFit won multiple awards and received national press from periodicals such a Yoga Journal, Pilates Style and American Spa. Please contact me if you'd like to work with me to get you on the road to health and wellness, if you'd like me to help you start a corporate wellness initiative, or if you'd like to employ my expertise in making your facility a five-star location.