Testimonial Video

by Kimberly Searl


Barb is a cancer survivor and a grandma that lives life with zest. She how she took her life back using Pilates.

About the Presenter

Kimberly Searl

Kimberly Searl IDEA Author/Presenter

Kimberly Searl holds one of the first Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy and internships at John Hopkins Hospital in oncology and acute care. Kim has been featured multiple times in an international fitness magazine (IDEA) and Natural Awakenings. She has also presented on her Youth with Autism research at SYR. SYR is the West’s foremost academic yoga research conference and showcases some of the best new research. She is an inspirational teacher, celebrated for her authenticity, generous spirit and her joyous personality that helps you learn to love and appreciate your body. She works with teachers, business professionals, dancers, and retirees. She is an integrative sustainable movement (ISM) advocate who is an empowerment speaker, yoga expert, author and healthy lifestyle leader. She teaches you how to integrate yoga as a way of life. She incorporates Yoga, Ayurveda, Classical Pilates and Fitness Coaching in a creative and life-transforming way through on-line courses, workshops, retreats, training and one-on-one sessions whether in person or digitally. She uses art, somatic practices, pranayama, chanting, mindfulness and meditation to infuse her approach to living as an ISM educator that embodies flow. Her time teaching marks the end of a decade that she has been teaching. Her favorite thing about teaching is the ability to introduce her clients to their body in a healthy way and watch them fall in love with their self-care. She appreciates the community and friendships that happen around the globe as part of her work. She loves painting, chanting, avocados, roses, her feet in the sand, walking her dog, biking, kayaking and horseback riding. Kim plays often, lives creatively, her life and work are filled with love that inspires movement.