Taurus Trainer 8WBP 2016 Feedback

by Steven Roberts


The purpose of this study was to identify benefits of a combined exercise and nutrition (8WBP) program over the course of eight weeks. Forty six (24F, 22M) normal working people took part in the program and this study. Each person was tested using standard body composition (Weight, Bodyfat% and Girth: Waist and Hip), Strength Endurance (Prone Hold/Plank, Push Ups) and Aerobic fitness (Beep) testing methods. A total of 30 (13F, 17M) people re-tested at the culmination of the program (average age = 36). Total weight lost as a group was 43kg with an individual weight loss of 1.43 kg /person. Total Body fat loss was 77.30% off their individual scores. Waist (60.5cm) and Hip (5.5cm) loss was also achieved by the group. Core strength was improved across the group with an improvement of nearly 9 minutes and an average of 30 seconds per person. Push ups improved by 5 /pax as did individual beep test scores which correlated with a higher Maximal Aerobic Capacity (VO2 max ml/kg/min). The tests results are indicative of the subjective feedback received with feelings of improved fitness, greater stamina and also mental alertness, improved nutrition quality as well as improved cholesterol, reduced blood pressure and lower metabolic age.

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Steven Roberts

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