About the Presenter

Linda Juranich

Linda Juranich IDEA Author/Presenter

Hi, my name is Linda. I am a busy wife, mom of two beautiful daughters and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 1998. I have always been and still am a diehard fitness enthusiast. I love the physical and emotional rewards I get from exercise and a good healthy diet. I get excited when I help others in feeling the same rewards from living healthy. I have a lot of personal experiences in fitness and several accomplishments that I am quite proud of. I have dedicated time to raising money for charities through cycling, challenged myself to compete in Body Building for my 40th birthday and trained and counseled clients online who were chronically ill or to busy to get to the gym. My forte is people. I have studied wellness coaching and am dedicated to helping people learn what is right for them in order to live everyday in a healthy body with a strong mind. I absolutely love what I do and feel that with my vast knowledge and experience I can influence and help others to live well and be fit!