Stair Workout

by Barbara Bowman

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Stair workout consists of 3 sets of each type up motion then walk down to recover. I used 3 flights of 12 steps. Jog, jog 2 steps at a time, hopscotch left lead, hopscotch right lead, sprint, sprint 2 steps at a time, 2 footed hops 1 step at a time, 2 footed hops 2 steps at a time, 2 steps up/1step down. In the video I'm doing 2up/1down.

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Barbara Bowman

Barbara Bowman IDEA Author/Presenter

Barbara is an experienced group fitness instructor who loves to help people improve their personal physical fitness. She began leading classes in 2004 as part of the fitness ministry of Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock. After 20 years in the advertising sales industry, Barbara’s passion for fitness and exercise led her to create B Squared Fitness in 2008. The mission of B Squared Fitness is to provide affordable and convenient group classes and personal training while maintaining outstanding quality and service. Barbara provides a variety of fitness programs to target those who are looking for affordable fitness options, such as corporate fitness boot camps, in-home personal training and faith-based fitness boot camps. She maintains her group fitness instructor and personal trainer certifications from National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) and keeps up with the latest health and fitness information through continuing education courses. Barbara is a wife, mother and active member of Immanuel Baptist Church. She enjoys races from 5k to 1/2 marathon and workouts for fun.