Stability Ball exercise

by Naoto Kawaguchi


Whole body balance exercises

About the Presenter

Naoto Kawaguchi

Naoto Kawaguchi IDEA Author/Presenter

During my late teens and early 20s, the time you are the most active in your life, I had the worst health in my life. I had knee surgery in my freshman year of high school, due to the rare disease of unknown etiology. I was not able to do any physical activities for three years. After I recovered from the disease, I suffered a herniated lumbar disc for four years. After a long struggle with disc herniation, I decided to regain a normal level of activity, however, it was not so easy at all. I joined the gym and imitated others around me. After a short time I injured my elbow. I was ignorant about the resistance training. I didn't know I couldn't do the same resistance exercise every day. This was about 20 years ago. Since then I have studied about exercise, nutrition and anything health-related. I improved my overall health through a trial and error process. Working out and gaining knowledge of exercise has become my hobby. Eventually I resolved to change my hobby into a professional career with 24 Hour Fitness.