Sports Training

by Dave Ruff


High school athletes training

About the Presenter

Dave Ruff

Dave Ruff IDEA Author/Presenter

Dave Ruff is one of the highly respected names in the fitness industry. Dave has over 30 years of fitness experience and has worked with clubs, trainers and clients all over the country. In addition to Ruff Fitness, Dave is the Director of Training and Development for ProFIT, Director of Cycling for NSPA and a consultant for The Club and Spa Synergy Group. Dave is a graduate of SUNY Cortland with a BS in Exercise Physiology, a Masters in Health and multiple certifications through N.S.P.A. Dave has been featured in full page ads for LifeFitness, quoted in national publications and a writer for Club Success magazine. A life long competitive athlete, Dave has completed 5 JFK 50-mile ultras, over 25 marathons and is currently one of the top Xterra age group triathletes in the nation.