Spinal Flexibility

by Angela Hubbs


You are only as young as your spine is flexible, so how young are you? Here I show you a few exercises you can do to keep your spine flexible.

About the Presenter

Angela Hubbs

Angela Hubbs IDEA Author/Presenter

In order to achieve total body fitness and well being you need an all compassing fitness program. You’ve come to the right place because Angela Hubbs encompasses all facets of health into a program that personally suits your body and your lifestyle. She has a degree in Human Communication from the University of Alaska and as a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor Angela is able to incorporate her knowledge to create a safe and effective workout experience whether it is one of the many classes she teaches around the world or in a private session in the privacy of your home. It isn’t just the workout that makes working with Angela an incredible experience, it’s her positive attitude on life and endless optimism that keeps all her students and clients coming back for more. Even when you don’t see her for a physical workout, her daily blog will inspire you to do better in every aspect of your life. Angela Hubbs has lived and taught all over the world in places such as Iceland, Alaska, Hawaii. When not traveling with clients, you can find her teaching in New York City where she teaches regular classes and teacher trainings. Let Angela help you with a balanced workout program built to your individual needs using all her knowledge.