Speed Training Duo Parachute/Hopz

by Erik Fredrickson

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This video shows two of my high school athletes using a parachute and Hopz resistance device to enhance their 40 speed.

About the Presenter

Erik Fredrickson

Erik Fredrickson IDEA Author/Presenter

Erik Fredrickson is the founder and president of Prana Fit, Inc., a personal training and fitness consulting company. He is also a certified executive and personal coach. His vision is for all to experience better health, abundant energy, and balance in life. In addition to creating fitness programs for his clients, Erik enjoys presenting workshops, designing gyms, and has consulted and managed for health clubs around the United States. Practicing fitness professionally for over 18 years, he has experience in personal training, holistic health, nutrition and a BA in psychology. Aside from his career as a fitness educator, Erik enjoys writing, paddle boarding, and marital arts. He loves collaborating with his wife Sara, and playing with his son and daughter. Whether it’s exercising or trips to the beach, Erik loves to keep active as a family.