Smartroller®, the next evolution of foam roller technology

by Stacy Barrows

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Foam rollers evolved from Dr. Feldenkrais, this will take you through a look at foam rollers as a tool based on neuroscience principles to improve body schema to make adaptive changes.

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About the Presenter

Stacy Barrows

Stacy Barrows IDEA Author/Presenter

STACY BARROWS is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified FeldenkraisĀ® practitioner, and PMA Pilates teacher. She has taught internationally to health, fitness and wellness professionals on movement intelligence and how to find ways to promote optimal performance. Stacy owns a private practice in Century City, California and is the inventor of the SMARTROLLER products as well is the author of the book SMARTROLLERĀ® GUIDE TO OPTIMAL MOVEMENT: INTRODUCING THE GROUND BREAKING FELDENKRAIS METHOD. She also co-authored research on the Effects of the Feldenkrais Method and is a frequent blogger for the largest internet newsletter, the Huffington Post.