Quad Stretch! | Half Frog Pose Variation

by Renee Millman


You may be very familiar with a way to stretch your quadriceps muscles: Stand up, bend your leg at the knee and pull your ankle towards the back of your thigh until you feel a stretch. Take that same basic shape, flip it on its belly and you have half frog pose variation! In this video I show the quad stretch portion of half frog pose and omit the psoas, shoulder and chest opening portion of the pose. I find this version of half frog very effective because it's difficult to cheat your quads out of a good stretch, which sometimes happens when performing the same stretch while standing. Enjoy and happy quad stretching!

About the Presenter

Renee Millman

Renee Millman IDEA Author/Presenter

Hi! I'm Renee. I'm a personal trainer, yoga teacher and life coach. I desire to inspire and touch the lives of others not only through fitness and yoga, but on a heart level as well. I love to share my enthusiasm for having a healthy body and mind with others. In addition to being a trainer, I also facilitate the pathway for clients to work through their habitual behavior and thought patterns that get in their way of success. I know from working through my own struggles the reasons why we often sabotage ourselves from being healthier. It is in these dark corners of our psyche that we can find our strength and bring it to the light.