Prone Platform Plank

by Keli Roberts

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Planks are one of the most efficient ways to train the core muscles to stabilize the position of the spine. When you add the unstable surface of the platform side of the BOSU balance trainer, you can come up with some very exciting exercise progressions. We're going to start off with just a regular plank. Come up into a plank. Now, what we're looking for here is neutral spine, head and neck lined up, and a nice long position. To progress, do an alternating leg raise. So now we narrow the base of support by taking one foot away and we just alternate that. So that really pulls the obliques into the picture. To further increase the difficulty, bring the opposite knee to the opposite elbow and twist the hips. You want to do about 8 to 12 each side, take a break, and start again.

About the Presenter

Keli Roberts

Keli Roberts IDEA Author/Presenter

Keli Roberts is a specialized tier-three personal trainer at Equinox in Pasadena, California. She is a master trainer for Schwinn® Cycling and Glidingn, a Kettlebell® Concepts-sponsored athlete and is on the BOSU® development team. Keli is also known for her award-winning videos, books and training seminars. She is a spokesperson for ACE, a 2007 inductee to the National Fitness Hall of Fame and was awarded the 2003 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Award.