Progresso Pilates Part 2

by Alicia Keen


This is the 2nd half of a great in-home Pilates routine using Progresso soup!

About the Presenter

Alicia Keen

Alicia Keen IDEA Author/Presenter

Alicia Keen, the heart and soul of Glowing Oasis Pilates, is a certified Pilates instructor by Balanced Body University. She has been practicing Pilates since the year 2000 when she began using it as a form of strengthening and conditioning for her dance studies. Having battled body image problems throughout her teen years, Alicia has deeply understands the importance of bodily awareness and self-esteem. Pilates was her tool to recovery and self-love, and through her services she hopes to instill those aspects as well as physical strength and overall well-being to all of her clients.