Practice Good Posture - Damien's Movement Tip #66

by Damien Joyner


It can be easier said than done to have good posture during the day. Use this video as a reminder as ways to practice good posture. Try to keep your ears above your shoulders, shoulders above hips, hips above ankles. Often different mobility and flexibility movements can help assist your posture to be better...not to mention a good massage to loosen up tight muscles. Above all.. remember, practice makes better!

About the Presenter

Damien Joyner

Damien Joyner IDEA Author/Presenter

The Incremental Fitness Method: Not only do we each have "our story" our bodies have their story too. With that in mind, it is important to meet the clients where they are. Only with understanding, empathy and listening to you can Damien know the best way to connect the dots to your physical goals. Improving the way you move in key to being able to do what you want to do and like to do in life! Challenging clients to move in ways that allow them to thrive is a process. It is an incremental process & It is not one-size? fits all. To learn more check out ->