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Mobility ~ You need this warm-up !

by Connie Aronson


A great warmup prepares you for your workout, both physically and mentally. Here are 5 warmup drills that stretch every joint in your body, and help increase your mobility. Do each move for 30-60 seconds each. Let me know how you like them! Follow me on Instagram @conniearon

About the Presenter

Connie Aronson

Connie Aronson IDEA Author/Presenter

Connie has been coaching and helping people improve their fitness since 1986. An American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist, her passion is to help you become stronger for activities you love, or to simply tone up. Her job is to make sure that your time training with her is effective and fun, utilizing cutting- edge programming. Connie’s expertise is low-back injury prevention, core strength, and creating the best possible personalized workout for you. A former junior ski racer, she has a huge passion for skiing, and also loves to run, hike, bike and rock climb, enjoying traveling to the cliffs of the Greek Islands, Sardinia, Italy, Spain and Thailand. In 2004 she was struck with spondylolisthesis, a very painful displacement of the spinal column.After undergoing surgery to fix her back, she focused on becoming a back pain specialist. This is the core of Connie's expertise~ strengthening and protecting the back. She has also studied yoga with world renowned yoga teachers, so if you train with her, you will surely do some yoga. Here is a list of Connie's credentials: • American College of Sports Medicine • American Council on Exercise (gold level) • Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research • Active Isolated Strengthening Therapist (a method of fascia release used to facilitate stretching) • Connie is an International Dance Exercise Association Elite Level Personal Trainer ( the highest level of achievement in the personal fitness training industry) || TRX Suspension training coach. || 10 +years author of a popular monthly health and fitness column for the Idaho Mountain Express || Voted one of the top fitness trainers in the Sun Valley area || Yoga training with Judith Lasater, Seane Corn, and Erich Schiffmann || Professional member National Strength & Conditioning Association|| YMCA Group Exercise Instructor