Meal prep made easy: Cauliflower beef fried rice

by Yana Genkina


When you plan ahead and prep in bulk you will have 1 less food decision to worry about during the day. Easy to make and great for low carb, low fat and high protein option meal.

About the Presenter

Yana Genkina

Yana Genkina IDEA Author/Presenter

Are you ready to go on a journey to becoming strong, in-control and never looking back? Let me guide you through an evidence based approach to finding your I am.... Changing your eating habits takes time and for most an all or nothing approach does not work. My system is based on altering one habit at a time, so it becomes second nature like brushing your teeth, at your own chosen pace, and with continual hands-on support to help you reach your goals. By taking a personal and holistic approach to coaching, all my recommendations are tailored specifically to your goals and a customized plan that will fit your life. I specialize in strength, cardiovascular, and movement training, alongside with paring nutrition coaching for all age groups (adolescence, teen, adults, seniors, and families). Success with weigh loss or any goal you set is no accident, you have to have a purpose and a driving force within you. Starts by knowing what u want to achieve, how you envision on getting there and be certain that you can.