It's never too early to Get Fit With Herve

by Herve Doliska


Baby doing squats with perfect form while wearing a get fit with Herve dry fit shirt available online! Check out how you can get fit at

About the Presenter

Herve Doliska

Herve Doliska IDEA Author/Presenter

Herve is an AFAA/ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a certified power plate instructor, and a high school football coach! He graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelors in Exercise Physiology and 3 minors in Communications, Personal Training, & Sport & Exercise Psychology. Herve enjoys working with males and females of all ages and looks forward to working with you! Herve specializes in personal training & high-end lifestyle services in Miami. Herve has worked with so many individuals from across the country and can help you get the results you want. Herve provides a number of services to accommodate your needs. Those services include one on one personal training, online personal training, workout plans, and nutrition plans, group training, and health coaching. You can check his website @, follow him on Twitter @ GetFit_HerveCPT, and like his facebook @ to stay updated.