Hip Strengthening

by Sheena Nadeau


Alleviate back, hip and knee pain by strengthening the gluteal muscle group that becomes inhibited from sitting and poor posture. The stronger these muscles are, the stronger your core can become.

About the Presenter

Sheena Nadeau

Sheena Nadeau IDEA Author/Presenter

I have been a trainer for over 10 years, with a solid foundation in Physical Therapy. Founder of VerteBar posture device. My goal in fitness is to bridge the gap between physical therapy and fitness training. After graduating from University of the Pacific with a BA in Sports Medicine, I worked as both a fitness trainer and physical therapy aide until I enrolled at USC in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. I realized during my first year that we needed emphasis on preventing all of these physical ailments. I decided fitness was where I belonged. I specialize in injury prevention and rehabilitation, women's fitness, tennis and golf specific training, and weight loss. I am also a trainer educator with Training Made Fun, instructing NESTA PFT certification workshops.