Hip Mobility

by Sean Sewell


Some basic hip mobility drills that you can do anywere.

About the Presenter

Sean Sewell

Sean Sewell IDEA Author/Presenter

Hello! I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, FMS 1, Kettlebell and TRX Force Trainer specializing in Functional Training – creating training programs to enhance your day to day life and activities. I love helping clients improve their quality of life. We focus on making sure you can move well, safely and effectively. Then we tailor the programming to YOUR needs and goals. We are more interested in helping you enjoy life with loved ones than anything else. When not helping clients with their fitness goals - I am in the backcountry splitboarding, hiking, camping and biking - usually with my wife and dog - and often with clients. Thats the lifestyle we love to support!